DIY Wormery Manual

If you have and use a compost instead of sending all your kitchen waste to the dump, you can turn it (eventually!) into a useful growing medium for your home grown veg.

An even better approach is to use a wormery as this also has the ability to produce a potent liquid plant feed as well as the legendary “Black Gold” super worm cast compost. Some gardeners swear by this “black Gold” and credit it with increasing crop production by over 20%. If you are looking at intensive food production in small raised beds, this is one of the secrets to a bountiful harvest.

Why should you build a wormery?

There are lots of good commercial models of a wormery out there, that will get you up and running fast. If you are thinking of getting a wormery but cash is tight, as it is for so many people these days, then I thoroughly recommend that you get a copy of the DIY Wormery Manual by Gareth Hogan.

The DIY Wormery Manual explains how a wormery works, from a simple box through to stacked examples and then tells you how to build a stylish “Bee Hive” Version, to use or sell.

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