Power Cannot be Suppressed, only Transformed.

Artists walk a risky line. The alchemy of creation stirs up society’s ills. Abstract dreams expose truths that incite. Symbols disguise dissent, which the powerful wish to ban.

Automatic writing channels whispers from the collective soul. Graffiti broadcasts outrage on city walls. Surreal scenes bare society’s absurdities. Performances unmask the mighty’s hypocrisies.

The elite armour themselves against art’s revelations. Funding is cut, and exhibits are shuttered. Messages suppressed and friendships shattered. Fame comes through obedience; original minds pay the price.

But creative courage persists. Secret spaces shelter visionaries. Mystical practices ground intention. Networking fans spark a sense of solidarity. Anonymous handles share visions. Graffiti artists strike by moonlight. Raw truth slips through the cracks.

The people’s imagination remains unshackled. Censorship can’t erase what is felt and known. Art’s magic multiplies beyond control. The truths it unveils cannot be unseen. Reality unmasks itself for those who dare to look within. This power cannot be suppressed, only transformed.

by Pen De’Grof