The Creative Fire

Working in unison, mind and spirit can reshape the world. Control dissolves when humanity reconnects with its sovereign nature. And so the creative fire will not be extinguished. Magic lives on through those who dare wield their innate power. The greedy fear what they cannot possess – the human soul. The human spirit cannot be chained, for it is wild and elemental as nature herself. It flows like water, finding cracks in every wall built to contain it. It blows like the wind, whispering through the tightest fist, trying to crush it.

The creative fire is the birthright of every soul. No authority can hold dominion over the urge to imagine, build, express, and connect. Art and magic are rivers fed by the same source within. They channel powers and visions that transcend any worldly authority. Those who suppress the arts and occult fear losing their mastery over the human spirit. But their efforts are in vain. Revelation comes unbidden to those who retreat within. Reality unveils its hidden face to eyes that dare to see. The heart knows truths beyond language when it taps the source.

No earthly power can reign absolute across every inner realm and wild space. Censorship fails because it cannot censor the senses themselves. Those who honour their sovereign nature walk with imagination and magic as their allies. For tyrants can rule over flesh but never over spirit itself.

And so the eternal play goes on, creation endlessly dancing beyond the reach of any grasping hand. Art and Magic persist as acts of joyful rebellion, keeping supreme the creative spirit no earthly law can ever define or contain. The human soul inheres in freedom. Its full expression is the ultimate liberation.

by Pen De’Grof