The Suppression of Art and Magic

Art and magic have long been suppressed by the powerful. Shamans and visionaries threaten mainstream control. Their work uplifts marginalized voices and manifests alternatives.

Throughout history, elites have used censorship, propaganda, discrimination and force to dominate those who would empower everyday people. Artistic freedom and esoteric exploration lead to liberation.

Today, creators promoting imagination and unconventional beliefs face the same establishment tactics. Their communities are infiltrated and fractured. Direct action is deterred through surveillance and laws. Grants are denied. Stories untold.

But solidarity, ethics and courage can shield those who speak truth to power. Decentralized networks build new systems. Symbols hide meanings from the privileged few. The public, when informed, can redeem the magical promises of human creativity so feared by elites.

Rights hard-won can be lost when the public is distracted. Stand with your local artists and magicians, wherever you may find them. Their visions and rituals manifest freedoms that threaten the powerful. Defend them, and they will defend you.

By Pen De’Grof